Glass Bead Production in Europe during the 17th Century

A couple of years ago, The Bead Society awarded Karlis Karklins a grant to fund the chemical analysis of beads excavated at the site of the only known post-medieval beadmaking factory in the United Kingdom, located at Hammersmith Embankment, London.

The analysis, which took a while, has been completed and two reports have been prepared to announce the results. The one by Karklins et al. presents a history of the site, describes the recovered beads, and summarizes and interprets the results of the chemical analysis.

The report by Dussubieux et al. presents the detailed analysis of the beads with comparisons with contemporary Dutch beads.

Karklins K; Dussubieux L; Hancock RGV. A 17th-Century Glass Bead Factory at Hammersmith Embankment, London, England. BEADS: Journal of the Society of Bead Researchers 27:16-24, 2015.

Dussubieux L; Karklins K. Glass Bead Production in Europe during the 17th Century: Elemental Analysis of Glass Material Found in London and Amsterdam. Journal of Archeological Science: Reports 5:574–589, February 2016.

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