Welcome to the New Year!

Our Bead Society is one of those organizations that have a fiscal year that starts in July. We also tend not to meet in the summer, so September is our first meeting for the New Year (2016-2017).

On September 7th, Wednesday we will host a Problem Solving workshop at the Veterans Memorial Building in the Rotunda Room. Attendees are asked to bring in projects in progress that pose problems that are in need of creative solutions! For those seeking feedback and advice this will be the workshop for you. We will all help each other in arriving at an emotionally and aesthetically pleasing finished piece.

Along the way, we will spice up our discourse by discussing the projects in terms of balance, focal point, rhythm, and texture. Arriving at solutions can also be inclusive of sharing where certain items (beads, metals, findings, tools, etc.) have been purchased or found. If you have beads to swap, you can bring them!

We will be having another Bead Bazaar on Sunday, October 30th, so stay tuned if you want to be a vendor or just help out! We need lots of volunteers. Contact Sylvia Humphrey,  and our website for more information.

Check out our class schedule on our website at http://beadsocietyla.org/ and here.

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