May 6th Bead Society Virtual Meeting!

The Theme is: Beading during the Social Distancing!

May 6th 7:00 pm via Zoom! 

We expect that many of you have been busy! What have you been working on during this sheltering in place? Have you created anything interesting? For example, I made one necklace that seemed to take me forever, but I like it! I have been watching too many YouTube videos in Russian and Portuguese on how to make bracelets and necklaces with exotic stitches. It is fun seeing if I can follow the directions!

At the May meeting, we will be sharing our creative projects. You can share via video in Zoom, or you can send me pictures of your pieces ahead of time. Everyone will be muted, and we will take turns talking. From the link you will receive, you will need to download a program in order to run Zoom. Contact me at if you want to know more about the virtual meeting. It’ll be fun!

March 4th Bead Society Meeting!

Next Meeting Mar 4th will be a fun Sharing My Bead Collection! Similar to what we did in Jan with religious jewelry, please bring some samples of a collection that you have. We did this a few years ago with non-bead collections! This time we will be looking at Bead Collections!

We are asking attendees to bring 5 things that they collect or are interested in. The items should have something to do with beads! They don’t have to be part of a formal collection. At the meeting we will share and learn things about each other!


Wednesday, Mar 4th
7 – 9:30 pm

Veterans Memorial Building,
Rotunda Room
4117 Overland Ave, Culver City


Getting Organized! February 5th Meeting!

Our next Meeting, Wednesday, Feb 5th will be Organizing with Regina Lark of A Clear Path. Their company motto is:

We’ll help you control the stuff in your head and what’s under your bed!

Did you know that some right-brain creative types tend toward chronic disorganization? That may pertain to some of us! We could all use some help figuring out how to organize our beads, materials and projects! She will talk about good bead organizers and how to cope with organizing our materials.  She’ll offer a variety of ways to de-clutter, organize, and clear the path! Continue reading Getting Organized! February 5th Meeting!